Full Service Escrow

Whether it is a $50,000 mobile home or a $20,000,000 commercial transaction, we are equipped to handle your escrow with the same amount of care and attention it deserves.

Residential Resale/Purchase: The sale/purchase of a single family residence, condo/townhome, manufactured home on a permanent foundation, or 1-4 units. Each transaction encompasses the same basic process, but each is unique in its’ own way, and our team has experience in the idiosyncrasies of each and every one.

Refinance: Consumers and institutional lenders alike have brought their refinances to our escrow team. They trust that Southland Escrow will process their files efficiently and timely to meet their rate lock deadlines.

Short Sale: A sale of property wherein the proceeds from the sale will fall short of the balance of debts secured by liens against the property. The lien holder(s) must agree to release their lien(s) and accept less than the full amount owed on the debt. It is often used as an alternative to foreclosure. These transactions are very time sensitive and time consuming, but our officers have the knowledge and patience to see them to close.

Commercial: This category encompasses a number of transactions, including but not limited to: apartments, office buildings, retail properties, shopping centers, churches, warehouses, and more, and are often considerably more complex than the average escrow. Again, our experience will make the difference.

Real Estate Owned (bank owned): In these transactions, a banking entity/representative now owns the property being sold. These present their own special challenges with timelines and bank reporting standards. Our escrow officers have been through two full cycles of high volume REO markets and subsequent high volume REO escrows and know how to meet the expectations of both the lender/seller and the buyer.

FSBO (For Sale By Owners) generally do not utilize the use of real estate agents and standard California Association of Realtors forms, which are usually the documents followed by escrow in a resale transaction. Although escrow cannot give real estate or legal advice, Southland is happy to reduce the agreement that the FSBO/buyer has made to escrow instructions, and exercise their due diligence in carrying out those instructions to a successful close.