What is Escrow

- Good Funds

- Escrow companies are required to comply with the "Good Funds Law" for all funds deposited into escrow.

What funds are considered acceptable?

Wire Transfers from a FDIC insured bank

A wire transfer is the best choice to insure funds for closing escrow are good funds. These funds are electronically transferred into our trust account from the client’s bank account.

Please NOTE: ACH transfers are not wire transfers; escrow trust accounts are blocked from sending or receiving ACH transfers because these electronic transfers can be recalled by the issuers.

Cashier’s Checks

- Cashier’s Checks take up to four business days to clear

- Cashier’s checks must be issued from a California Bank.

- Once a cashier’s check has been deposited for closing, the amount does not become "good funds" until it has been paid by the issuing financial institution.

Personal Checks

Personal checks are not considered good funds and cannot be used for closing purposes.

Escrow does not, under any circumstances, accept Money Orders.

Despite popular belief, the payment of a Money Order cannot be tracked and does not constitute Good Funds.